Getting the best experience out of nude webcam shows

Nude Webcam Shows

Nude webcam shows are nothing new. Let’s just get that out of the way. In fact, ever since the internet became commercially popular in the mid-1990s, there has been no shortage of companies that have tried to produce nude webcam shows with varying levels of success. This form of entertainment has actually evolved as the internet has evolved.

It used to be very expensive. It used to be clunky. It used to be quite annoying because back in the battle days, there was no DSL. There were no fiber connections. The only game in town in the mid-1990s was dial up. Watching a webcam show load on dial up is like slowly peeling you dick with a cheese grater. At first, you’re excited with the anticipation, but eventually, it gets really, really annoying and downright uncomfortable.

Ultimately, it becomes really painful and you just have to stop it. And that’s precisely the kind of experience most people used to get with nude webcam shows and that’s why it really wasn’t much of an option back then. If you want to get off, a lot of people basically just prefer chat. As crazy as that may sound, basically, you have supposedly a female on the other side. You don’t see her face typing all these texts and you just play around with her, responding, and she says something sexy, and that’s how a guy is supposed to get off.

Well, thankfully, we can fast forward to today and none of that applies because thanks to fast internet connections, nude webcam shows truly deliver. We’re talking about you coming up with all sorts of fantasy scenarios and you have your very own nude model acting them out or sharing information with you.

Whatever the case may be, now is the time to get off as quickly and as often as you want because this medium has basically lived up to its hyped promise. What’s not to love? Well, actually there are quite a few reservations with this.

The typical problems of nude webcam shows

Before we discuss how you can get the best experience out of this type of webcam entertainment, let me step you through the typical problems of most nude webcam shows. If you read through these materials, you can tell that they share certain commonalities. You can tell that there are certain themes that run through them like some sort of lining. Lackluster performance.

It is not uncommon to find an otherwise drop dead gorgeous girl put on a piss poor show. You get all excited when you see the preview, this chick with big ass tits and beautiful blonde hair and deep green eyes. You’re thinking to yourself, this is fucking slam dunk. This is like fishing by shooting fish in a barrel. This is a done deal.

Well, you sign up and then you watch the nude webcam show and then you just tell yourself, what the fuck did I just do? What the fuck did I just watch? How the fuck do I get my 30 minutes back? That’s some precious time of my life and I am saddened that I’m never getting it back.

What went wrong? Well, the reason is a lot of women who look really good actually intimidate guys, so a lot of these dudes, of course, when intimidated act like total jerk offs. They really do. They basically just tell her to do the same stuff that countless other guys told her to do. It’s basically a different day but the same bullshit.

If you were to put yourself in her shoes, then you would know that all these gets old quickly and she can get quite jaded. So, maybe she started out in her career full of energy and with a sense of adventure, but now, you basically just looking at somebody who is just going through the motions and this is really too bad because if you were to just change one element, things would end up so different.

The hustler

On the other side of the equation, are women who are obviously just in it for the money. But unlike the lifeless, dull, and robotic performance put on by other women, these women basically just look like they’re sex rabbits on fire, seriously. It doesn’t take much prodding from the audience for them to take off their clothes, play with themselves, spread their legs– the whole nine yards.

And it seems like they’re like in a rush to beat the clock and show everything and do everything. On its face, you might think that this is a fucking amazing thing, but when you watch the same female over and over again, you realize that it’s basically the same things. She’s just doing the same things. It may seem like she is having a lot of fun because she seems energetic. She seems that she has a lot of gusto, but you need to scratch beneath the surface.

The fact that she’s doing pretty much the exact same thing as the show that she put on yesterday, should put you on notice that this chick really is really functionally the same as the previous type of women I described above.

So when you watch these types of nude webcam shows, it’s easy to be taken in by the seemingly higher level of activity and energy, but beyond that it’s actually quite shallow. It’s like watching the same porn video over and over again. Maybe you got off the first time you watched it but after a while, it’s like meh. It doesn’t do anything for you. Talk about a joy kill right?

The solution

The solution to both these problems is actually the same techniques that you use to get the best experience out of nude webcam shows. The solution is quite simple. You need to take the initiative to crack through the surface of the model. You have to understand that these models see the same people on their webcams or at least see the same types of people night after night. It never really changes.

It’s like a long series of shows that feature basically the same audience. It may seem like they’re dead inside. That there’s something missing, so do yourself a big favor and be that one member of the audience that truly engages them as people. You greet them by their name, you ask them how they’re doing, and if they’ve said certain personal things to you in the past, refer to those things.

Of course, you have to use your discretion because a lot of the stuff that you’re posting is going to be seen by other audience members. You don’t want to get too personal that you become creepy. Instead, let her know that you respect her enough to remember what matters to her. This is how you open the gateway to engagement.

The key here is to emotionally engage the performer so she gets excited enough that she excites the crowd. When the crowd gets excited, she gets even more excited. Did you see how this works? It’s like going to a rock concert.

I remember when I saw Sting from the Police play in San Francisco. A buddy of mine basically had unlimited tickets because he knew the promoter. So, stupid me decided to go with him and watched the shows back to back over two days. Over two days, and we have watched four shows. Sting, to my surprise, and ultimately disappointment, played the same set each and every time.

He would go through the best Police songs and then at the end, there would be a call for an encore and you know what he played for the encore each and every time—Roxanne. Anyway, my point is even though he went through the same playlist and everything else was the same, even the positioning of the musicians, everything. The experience was different among the audience members.

Now, I was in a special position because I had these tickets and I saw one show after the other. So I was disappointed because I saw that he was basically just following the same formula, as far as the songs that he was going to sing. But if I was in the audience and I only got to watch one show, the dynamics would be different because some performances were very boring and kind of flat, and then the other two performances were just out of control.

People were just wild, Sting got excited, and everybody was having an awesome time. So my whole point here is it’s not the performer’s faint if the performance sucks. Nine times out of ten, it’s the audience. The reason why Sting got all excited and gave a one hell of a show, was because the audience was projecting a high level of energy and Sting was able to feel this on an emotional level.

The same applies to watching nude webcam shows. If the chick looks like a mannequin and is just going through the motions, you can bet that it’s your fault. So if you want to get the best experience out of nude webcam shows, don’t expect some guy in the audience to step up and take one for the team. No. You have to be that guy. You have to take the initiative and you need to get that energy flow going so everybody has a good time.