Alejandra Cobos Zishy shows her ass in see through black tights

Gallery from: Zishy

Simply enjoying the sites of El Paso is never enough for a local girl like Alejandra Cobos. She sees the same places day in and day out. It doesn’t matter how much they can astonish a newcomer. She still visits all of the best known spots, though. It’s not to see the tourist attractions. It’s to be a tourist attraction. She always makes sure to wear her thinnest yoga pants. They are the ones that she can’t wear to class because the instructor can see right through them. If she can’t use them for work, then she can use them for play and that’s exactly what she does.

The best thing about tourists is that husbands are always so easily distracted. They can be with their wives or their entire families. It never makes a difference. Men’s eyes are meant to wander and she wants them wandering all over her tight, young body. She’ll never fail at dropping something in front of a whole group of them. She knows exactly how to bend at the waist to get her pants to show everything beneath. If Yoga’s good for one thing, it’s teaching her how to show off her tight little ass.

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