Ballerina Morgan Rodriguez has to fuck the mean teacher

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Ballerina Morgan Rodriguez has been dancing pretty much all her life. From school to school. Where ever she goes she dances, wearing white tights and a tiny ballerina skirt busty Morgan always looks stunning and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by her latest teacher. He seduces his young busty student in to her striping naked and showing off her beautiful physique making her perform her stretches wearing only hr dancing shoes.

While she’s looking at her herself in the mirror her teacher pulls his trousers and shorts down and walks up to Morgan and stands behind her with his huge erection. Knowing what she must do she takes hold of his hard cock in her hand and starts masturbating it. Pulling his skin all the way down and back up again you can see his cock flexing in her pretty little hand. He turns her round and lifts her leg on to the hand rail. Her pussy so wet and open he slides his young cock inside her. She looks at her fit body in the mirror getting fucked by her younger teacher. He then pushes her to the floor. On her knees with her ass up and pussy exposed he furiously starts fucking her doggy style until he cums all inside her tight wet pussy.

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