Flexible babe Ulyana Orsk doing the splits on a Baltic Beach

Gallery from: Zishy

Girls don’t come more gorgeous than the beautiful Ulyana Orsk from Russia. Here she is on a Baltic beach wearing a bikini and just having frun. These photos were shot for the Zishy website which features some of the hottest and most naturally beautiful girls on the planet. Russian babe Ulyana Orsk loves Yoga and as you can see from t he above pic she can easily bend over and touch her toes, stretching her hamstring and showing off her sexy ass.

I do love girls with thick glutes and you can tell that Ulyana works out at the gym and is no stranger to legs day. You can see from her doing the splits that her ass is thick and muscular. She’s a very attractive young lady and I can’t wait to see some nude pics of Ulyana Orsk. You can download all 52 pictures from Zishy along with a bonus video, You have to join of course but it’s worth every penny. The girls on their are stunning.

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