Skinny teen Mazzy Grace pees on the floor and masturbates!

Video from: FTV Girls

Mazzy is a tall girl with tall desires for fun. She loves her pussy a little bushy and that was how it was today. She has a pee fetish and she loves to include it in any fun adventure she is on. When she was done messing around with her piss, she cleaned it up before she went to the bedroom for some adult fun. She took out her vibrator and aggressively played with her clitoris. Being the kinky girl she is, she wanted to try fucking herself with corn. Mazzy likes it rough and that is what she gave to herself. I’d love to chat with Mazzy Grace or even see Mazzy Grace live fisting herself like she does in this video.

When she was done with her hardcore masturbation, she stretched her pussy by pulling it apart using her fingers. And being the daring girl she is, she inserted all her fingers in her pussy. As it stretched further, she found herself inserting her fist into it. She had a great time fisting herself, something she had never thought she could do. She even tried fisting herself from behind and she managed to do it too. She was becoming good at it and she rewarded herself with another orgasm.

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